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13-02- 2018

10 Tips on How to Prepare for your Vehicle Testing

In Dubai, RTA Registration, RTA Renewal and most especially, car examining for RTA is a must. Before you can drive your car around Dubai, you must first take these steps and pass the required tests that come with it.


We have a tip though – instead of waiting for the long queues during these process, you can apply for our RTA Bundle that encompass all these three. We can undergo these processes on your behalf, to take the burden away from you. However, for car examining, you must be the one to go to RTA centers to have your car tested.

And in this article, we will discuss how you are going to prepare for your vehicle test:


1.    Never cancel and don’t be late on the test date. You might need to apply for a retest if ever this happens.


2.    If you ever fail the test and need to retest your car, fix the problems with your car right away and never let 30 days pass by – this is the only time RTA will allow people to retest their cars after failing the first time.


3.    Check your oil, engine coolant, all the fluids, and windscreen wash. Make sure that they are all topped up. Refill it already, days prior your testing date.


4.    Wash your car inside and out. Check the lights, mirrors, windows, and registration plates are clean. Use a brush to clean the body of your car. Empty your boot and take away all the unimportant things inside your car.


5.    Make sure that your seatbelts are visible and properly conditioned. Tattered seatbelts may cause failure.


6.    Secure your registration plate and make sure that it is visible.


7.    Blown bulbs can instantly cause failure so check if your bulbs and lights are all properly working – the indicators, parking lights at the front and back, on the number plate, brake lights and everything else.


8.    Guarantee that your tires are all in good condition. One of the reasons many fail the vehicle testing is because of worn-out tires. See if the pressure is right and if you see any issues with your tires, replace them right away.


9.    Check your front suspension, or better yet, bring it to a mechanic for better consultation.


10.     And last, but the most important of it all, make sure to bring all the necessary papers and documents needed upon arriving at the test center.


Car examining for RTA is a very important thing to do, it is crucial for you to pass because certain consequences can be given to you if you fail twice – that’s why you need to follow what we have said in this article to make sure that you will pass on the first take.


We, Motor Center, are your one-stop solution for all your car maintenance need. So, if you are getting ready for your vehicle test, we can help you in checking your car and set it out to be ready for your test.



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