5 Ways to Retain Your Motor Oil
11-04- 2018

5 Ways to Retain Your Motor Oil

Oil lubricates your engine – making it one of the most vital fluids in your car. It has the ability to keep your engines cool, hence, it’s needed to keep your car maintain its high-performance. Furthermore, proper oil maintenance is advisable to all – you should consult with your trusted provider of motor oil services in Dubai.

We, Motor Center, are one of the leading car maintenance companies in Dubai. We offer an extensive range of services that can keep your car at its peak condition. We are in fact 3M authorized dealers and Mobil 1 dealer in Dubai – we make sure to give you only the best kinds of services that can help your car look and perform well. We can even give you RTA services for your car renewal and car registration to take the burden off of you. We prioritize you in everything that we do – we make sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Moreover, we will give you some tips on how you can maintain your motor’s oil which can enhance the performance of your car’s engine.

Using the right oil

There are in fact a lot of types of oil that you can choose from. In order to know which oil is best suited for your car, you can ask your provider directly or check your owner’s manual. It is advisable to always use the recommended oil for your car to retain consistency.

Change your oil frequently

Regular oil changes can flush dirt and metal particles out of your engine, hence, prolong its life. You can also follow the interval of oil changing as per your owner’s manual or your provider itself.

Never overfill your crankcase

Overfilling can affect your spark plugs - it can cause overheating and stress on your engines. Thus, always make sure that the aount of oil that you fill your car is just sufficient to avoid any problems like this.

Consider synthetic oil

Synthetic oil is expensive but its quality is better. It lasts longer and can withstand extreme heat conditions and it has an enhanced flow rate compared to regular oils.

Keep your oil pan plug clean

If you change the oil on your own, it’s also advisable for you to clean the drain plug or use rags to remove the trapped metal particles inside it, which also affect your car’s performance.

And if you want a professional help regarding your oil changes, never hesitate to come to us at Moto Center and we will gladly help you out.



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