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changing tires
12-09- 2017

Changing your tire never felt easier!

Tires going flat on a tight Monday morning, sounds familiar to you?
Well, such misfortunate events tend to happen in the least convenient of times!
Therefore, since you couldn’t afford (time-wise) going to the garage or fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai you usually visit for car electric repairs, mechanical repairs, motor oil services, tyres and wheel alignment, car denting, car painting, car diagnostic services; to get the car recovery you need, so let’s give you the ropes of how to change your flat tire all by yourself:
1. loosen lug nuts of the damaged wheel: the safety kit is normally found in every vehicle, it has the tools you need to fix the flat tire by yourself without having to visit the garage for your car recovery. Take the wrench to loosen the lug nuts which are the screws holding the tire onto the brakes and are located right in the center of the tire. Align the wrench and use it to loosen the screws for your car recovery.
2. Grab carjack and get that car off the ground: depending on which tire needs replacement, attach the lower side of the jack underneath the bottom of the vehicle on a pinch weld, at last you need to twist the jack slowly and bit by bit your car recovery process will begin after the vehicle has been lifted off the ground.
3. Remove lug nuts and remove damaged wheel: car recovery is better maintained by a garage or fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai however, now time to remove that tire. So, take the wrench and remove lug nuts completely from the wheel in your car replacement. Lift and pull the tire off the hub now.
4. Replace with spare tire and put lug nuts in a new wheel: put the spare into the tire spot and put in the lug nuts into the new wheel. Make sure that during your car recovery process you leave those lug nuts snug, they shouldn’t be too tightened. 
5. Use the star wrench: here you should tighten the lug nuts with a star wrench then lower your car from the jack. Tighten up the lug nuts completely into the wheel. The jack has to be twisted in the opposite direction it was used to lift.
6. Car recovery was done: clean up and put the damaged tire in your vehicle’s trunk. Then visit the garage or fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai as soon as possible, because your spare tire cannot be left for too long. Leaving a spare tire on after car recovery raises the risks of losing control of the car.


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