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ceramic coating for cars
29-04- 2018

Here Are The Top 5 Benefits That You Can Get From Ceramic Coating

Buying your own car requires complete and effective maintenance for it – like all the other things that you own. Whether you purchase luxury or standard car, both need constant upkeep and opting for a ceramic coating for cars in Dubai is the best solution that you can do, to maintain its stunning exterior.

Car Ceramic Coating helps a lot in conserving the shine of your car and we, Motor Center Maintenance, can give it to you. We are among the leading car maintenance companies in Dubai and we give extensive range of services like car customization, car foiling, RTA Renewal, and many more. We have been in the industry long enough to know what our clients exactly want – it is to keep their cars looking and working as efficiently as possible. Our highly-skilled workers collaborate together to guarantee that we will give you the kind of service that you want and exceed your expectation as well when doing these services.

Moreover, what really are the reasons why you should apply this coating? What are its benefits and how can it improve your car’s exterior?

It gives the best protection to your car

The coating gives complete and utter protection the surface of your car’s body and it hinders any foreign matter to damage it in any way. It’s no secret that with our everyday use of the car, it’s inevitable that you encounter such minimal attacks; however, these minimal attacks can give you bigger damage as time passes by.

It makes cleaning easier

The foreign matter that to your car encounters stick to its surface and if not removed immediately, it can give a higher degree of imperfection to your exterior as time passes by, but when you apply ceramic coating, the smooth finish makes it impossible for debris to come in contact and stay in your car’s surface.

It’s resistant to damages

Not only does this coating repel foreign matter, but it also repels scratches, chemicals, water, and brake dust, rail dust, and bird droppings, as well.

It’s cost-effective

Ceramic coating, compared to waxing can be a little expensive at first glance but when you think about it, you actually spend more when you opt for waxing because it’s reapplied almost quarterly, however, since coating lasts longer than waxing, it’s quite cost-effective and worth every penny.

It makes your car look superb

Most car enthusiasts would agree that this type of coating can truly help in adding aesthetic value to your car. And if you are already convinced that car ceramic coating is a good choice for you, you can contact us anytime at Motor Center Maintenance and we will give you the highest quality of service you need.


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