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14-03- 2019

How Do You Check If A Car Was In An Accident?



If you have plans of buying pre-loved cars and you’re worried if this car has already been in an accident before, is there any way for you to know for sure it got involved in such scenarios already? 


A car maintenance company in Dubai like us, Motor Center Maintenance, can help you with this. We can determine if your chosen car has a clean history of road accidents. When you are buying used cars, it’s important to know the past damage that it has; this can decrease your chances of having problems with it in the present and it can help you control the mishaps that could occur in the future. 


Here is how you can detect the automobile past damage or past accident. 


  1. Ask for a vehicle history report


This is the best thing that you can do – and before you finally settle in purchasing the used car, this must be the first thing that you should ask from them. Your agent or your provider must give you a full report of the vehicle’s history – from the day it was manufactured, its car model and features, the previous owners’ identification, and all the other relevant data you need to know.


  1. Look for Bumper Cracks


If it so happens that they can’t give you a full history report or if you still want to make sure that the report given to you is true and valid, check for cracks in the fender and bumper. These are the usually damaged parts whenever the vehicle goes into an accident – if there are any traces of impairment, consult your provider immediately.


  1. Check the windows


Aside from the bumper and fender, windows usually break whenever there’s an accident. Check the windshield if there are chips, cracks, or webbings. These areas may not possibly let you know if there was an accident that happened before but these might need repairs – ask your provider what you should do about it.


  1. Look at the car’s body lines


The body lines of the car must straight and aligned with each other. If you see uneven lines or if the reflection on the car’s body is distorted, this might indicate that the body must have been hammered out, replaced, or damaged before.


  1. Seek help from a car maintenance company in Dubai


If you think you need professional help, you can contact us anytime you want. Aside from checking if there are any damages in your car, we can also repair it for you. We are your one-stop solution for all your car maintenance needs. 


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If you think you need professional help in knowing if a car has already been in an accident before, car maintenance company in Dubai like us can help you.




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