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In-house training of Motor Center Maintenance about Michelin
15-05- 2018

In-house training of Motor Center Maintenance about Michelin

Today, Motor Center Maintenance had their in-house training about Michelin. Motor Center Maintenance is a trusted distributor of Michelin products – they have collaborated together to maintain the satisfaction of their customers from the services that they give them.


Michelin is a world-famous brand that is known for selling different types of tires for automobiles, trucks, bicycles, airplanes, farm equipment, and motorcycles, while Motor Center Maintenance is one of the most trusted maintenance companies in Dubai. They are responsible for giving the best services for car maintenance such as wheel rim protection, tire and wheel alignment, RTA Renewal Registration in the UAE, and many more. Together, it is guaranteed that the service that Motor Center will give to their clients will be world-class as well.


In the in-house training, their staffs gained more knowledge about Michelin – their products most especially and how it can help their clients’ cars achieve a better performance through Michelin tires. The collaboration of the two renowned names in the industry will indeed inject a remarkable change – it can undoubtedly help the clients and individuals have good-performing automobiles.


The collaboration of the two means they are sharing the same goal – starting from giving the best kind of service their clients deserve, up to the core values that each company individually evokes.


The in-house training that Motor Center Maintenance organized today is just a proof of how they value each of their staffs to give them additional information, knowledge, and skills that they can use in their daily service at Motor Center Maintenance. 


At Motor Center Maintenance, you don’t only get to have exquisitely maintained cars but their team also makes sure that you will be receiving all kinds of convenience that you deserve. They do whatever is needed to guarantee that each member of their family will be equipped with more than enough knowledge that can help in giving your first-class car maintenance services that you will not find anywhere else.



Being partnered with Michelin is a plus – nevertheless, ever since their launch, Motor Center Maintenance has already been giving world-class services to their clients and customers.

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