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29-07- 2017

Mechanical services for women in Dubai

Men from Mars, women from Venus? Well, it’s a fact that these two could be considered totally alien to each other in many ways. When your brother was dying for that hip matchbox car, your sister used to beg for that gorgeous Barbie for her birthday; females haven’t been exactly known for their interest in the big world of cars since forever.

However, sooner or later we all found ourselves to be car-dependent.

Since your car is just a machine it needs constant maintenance; we’re talking about mechanical repairs, car electrical repairs, motor oil services, car diagnostic services you name it.

When anything goes/feels wrong with your tyres and wheel alignment, when you need car recovery, car air conditioning repairs, mechanical repairs and more; you head straight to a professional garage, or a fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai.

Some theorize about how women are ‘’misled’’ when it comes down to their car recovery at the garage, knowing that this article is not to reinforce this idea we would be just be shedding light on some tips, for women to negotiate a fair deal.

1. Counting on ‘’Repair pal’’: this could be one way to go, using ‘’Repair pal’’ as an app. that offers you a free estimator which after plugged in your car, would be giving you a close estimate of what the repair should be costing in your area.

2. Be involved: you have part of the responsibility regarding your car recovery by the way, when you go to a doctor you can help at least by giving the best description possible of the symptoms so he/she would be giving you the right diagnosis then you would get faster to recovery; well same applies for your car recovery.

3. Men understand men best: if we’re to go with the assumption that claims that men and women speak different languages, it would be better if you would have a male escort when you would be heading down to the garage for your car recovery.

4. Wise choice: whenever you take your car to a garage or a fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai, for mechanical repairs, car electrical repairs or any car diagnostic services make sure you can watch the car recovery

or at least get the old part back and the best thing to save you all the trouble is to just take your car to a professional and highly trusted fully equipped body shop facility like Motor Center Dubai.

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