RTA Renewal in Dubai
21-11- 2017

RTA Renewal in Dubai

That’s it. The time of the year has come, where your RTA renewal is around the corner and you have got no clue about the entire process, or how to manage it in the middle of a your daily rush.
However, when you got the support of a leading provider of quality Car Repair Services in UAE, you can keep your mind at ease and check the following information which will facilitate RTA renewal for you.
1. Book your appointment: we’ve all heard of those endless queues at vehicles’ testing centers, where car owners would have to wait for a certain amount of time depending on the number of vehicles. Therefore, you could benefit from the RTA recently launched option of booking for the vehicle testing. Companies and individuals could contact the RTA call center (8009090) in order for them to book an appointment for the technical testing, or contact the service centers which are listed on the RTA’s website.
2. Prepare your wheels: it goes without saying that you should prepare your vehicle for the big testing day: 
- Any vehicle must have a valid registration plate and chassis number
- The vehicle must be cleaned, along with the number plate
- In any vehicle, the safety triangle, spare wheel and fire extinguisher (suiting your vehicle category) must be present in a visible and accessible place
- Any of sort of advertisements and/or stickers may only be present if prior approval from the RTA can be proven
3. Tested parts: for a light vehicle, the test will comprise:
- Inspection of the braking system
- Steering and steering wheel
- Visibility
- Lighting equipment
- Axles
- Wheels
- Tyres
- Suspension
- Chassis and chassis attachment
- Safety belts
As for heavy vehicles, they undergo similar inspections along with the following elements that will be tested:
- Lamps
- Reflectors
- Electrical equipment 
And all vehicles are inspected for noise pollution.
4. Required documents: for the car to be eligible for the test, its owner must present a valid vehicle insurance card and Emirates ID card. If the registration needs renewal, the owner must bring the previous one and as for commercial vehicles, their owners should have a copy of the commercial license.
5. Due test day: the vehicle could undergo the test up to 6 months prior to the expiry of its registration. And the vehicle must perform the test no later than one month after the expiry of its registration, in order for the owner to avoid any penalties.
6. Vehicle from another Emirate: things have changed, because even if the vehicle is registered in other Emirates, it can perform the test in Dubai.


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