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Frosted Window Films
11-10- 2018

Reasons To Apply Frosted Window Films In Your Office, Now!

As a business owner, perhaps you have planned so well about what your office or your establishment would look like – its interior, exterior, and all the furniture and equipment that can be seen in it. It might be in your greatest interest to make sure that your office will look and feel good for you, your staffs, and for your guests.

One thing that we can tell you, however, is applying a frosted window film in your commercial place might just be the right thing that you should do. As one of the leading providers of commercial films like frosted window films and safety and security films, we know how it can benefit you in many ways and how this window tinting can be a good decision, as well.

You won’t need to worry about looking for the right place to get it from, however, because we can do it for you. We, Motor Center Maintenance, are also considered as a prominent 3M authorized dealer, you can trust that all the services that you can get from us are reliable, credible, and durable.

The frosted window films that we can provide for you will:

Allow you to have enhanced privacy

The adhesive film actually gives a frosted effect on the window – but it’s still smooth and clean. The purpose of this effect blurs the transparency of the glass and increase the privacy of the room.

Let you focus more

From inside and outside, the frosted effect will hinder anyone to see what’s happening on both sides – with this, one will be able to focus more on doing his tasks and avoid distractions from people that he sees through the glass without the film.

Give your place a sleek look

If you think that frosted window films just come in white color, you’re wrong – there are actually various designs and colors that you can choose from and you can even ask for customized designs like business logos or scenic pictures.

Enhance your ambiance

The frosted film can also allow you to decrease the direct sunlight and UV rays that come through your glass – it’s blocked generously, giving you a cool and fresh ambiance inside your office. This can also make you save energy on heating as well.

Our 3M Window Tinting services from Motor Center Maintenance are guaranteed to be safe and effective. We are always ready to take your inquiry, kindly contact us at 00971 4 2860120


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