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22-09- 2018

The Do's and Don'ts When Upkeeping Your Tinted Windows

Have you recently acquired a commercial tinting service in Dubai? If yes, perhaps you’re now wondering how you can maintain the effectiveness and appearance of your tinted windows. Yes, it’s important to know how you can retain its original qualities because, through this, the longevity of the windows and comfort of your guests and staffs are at stake.

Commercial tinting can be done in various ways – providers of this service, like us, Motor Center Maintenance can give you any of the following:


Choose any from the list above and we’ll apply it to your commercial place.

And to guarantee the upkeep of your tinted windows you should do the following:

Cleaning The Windows Frequently

It’s normal for your windows to build up dust or dirt as time passes by, which is why you should be able to clean it regularly or opt for commercial cleaning services from your trusted providers. This way, they will be able to clean even the unreachable spots of your commercial windows.

Using The Right Cleaners

To make sure that your windows will be cleaned appropriately, it’s best to ask for the right type of cleaner for the specific window that you have. There are certain products for certain types; hence, you need to use the right one for your establishment.

Using The Right Cleaning Equipment

If you opt for a commercial cleaning service, surely, they already know the right equipment to use in cleaning commercial tinted windows. You can tell them to use cloth or squeegees to make sure that the films won’t get damaged or anything at all.

Subsequently, these are the things that you should not do:

Never use harsh chemicals

Whether you’re the one to clean your windows or not, always make sure that you purchase the right cleaner and avoid using harsh chemicals on your tinted windows because if you do, the films might get peeled causing it to look unpleasant.

Never focus too much on the exterior

You should also be wary of the edges of your windows and the unreachable parts of it. Sometimes these overlooked parts contain the most dirt; hence, be keen.

No matter what type of commercial tinting that you have applied to your place, may it be sun control films in Dubai, frosted window film in Dubai, or any other – one thing is for sure, you have to do anything in your power to maintain it so that its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal won’t wear out easily.

And if you are just looking for the best providers of commercial tinting services, come and visit us at Motor Center Maintenance so that you can get the highest quality of tinting service that there is.


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