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Top 6 benefits of paintless denting
20-07- 2017

Top 6 benefits of paintless denting

When you hand your car keys to the valet outside a restaurant, while driving downtown, when you are parking in a tricky place; at any point, your vehicle may get hit and have one or several dents to ‘’mark’’ and damage its perfect body and original paint.

No, you shall not be worried for this condition is not unfixable.

Taking it to a professional car recovery centre in Dubai like Motor Centre, would be a wise thing to do.

At this car maintenance center your vehicle would benefit from a whole car recovery services such as: car diagnostic services, motor oil services, mechanical and electrical repairs, denting and painting and many more.

Denting and painting is whole world by itself; it’s been evolving throughout years and it’s been highly influenced with the impact of technology, giving you a variety of car maintenance services, from eco-painting, smart denting and paintless denting.

So why shouldn’t you hesitate in going to a car maintenance centre in Dubai like Motor Center and ask for paintless denting?

Let’s see the 6 benefits of paintless denting:

1. Time-efficient: time is money no?! actually, paintless denting is a method that does not require much time, it also depends on how deep the dents are. But all in all, paintless dent removal procedures are less time-consuming than the other traditional dent removal methods.

2. Cost-efficient: compared to other traditional car body repair methods, paintless denting is very affordable; logic has it, the deeper the dent the more you will be paying to fix it.

3. Smaller insurance bills: well because paintless denting procedures usually don’t amount to a big cost, you will pay it right from your pocket and won’t file it to your insurance company hence you will keep lower insurance bills.

4. Original paint stays on: it’s a huge benefit, for all those who plan on selling their car in the future. The vehicle’s value increases automatically when it has its original paint to cover the car body.

5. It’s eco-friendly: when you use paintless denting to keep a good-appearance for your car body, you would be doing the environment a big favour because unlike other car recovery methods, paintless denting doesn’t need paints or solvents hence doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the nvironment.

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