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car assistance service dubai
18-03- 2018

What Can You Get From Our Car Assistance Services?

If you ever need an immediate road service, you can request for car assistance services from Motor Center Maintenance. You can call us anytime and we’ll come to you wherever you are and do the necessary car fixations you require.

We, Motor Center Maintenance, are your one-stop solution for your car maintenance needs. Leave your car polishing, detailing, wheel alignment, and all others to us, and we’ll surely do our best to keep your car working properly. We can even deploy a car registration representative on your behalf for your vehicle registration in Dubai. Our car registration assistance allows you to never worry about your RTA procedures because we’ll go through all of it for you.

And as for car assistance services, we can attend to your needs as fast as possible, the moment you want us to help you. We can:

  1. For on the spot assistance, you can call us anytime and ask us queries about what happened to you, and we will instruct you with the necessary procedures that you should do.

  2. We can tow your car if it is immobilized due to electrical/mechanical mishaps. We can tow your car away and bring you to our repair shop for immediate refurbishes.

  3. In case of a flat tyre, we can send our mechanic to your location and replace the flat tyre with a better one, so you can continue your journey seamlessly.

  4. We can even perform mechanical labor to you – we’ll personally go to the breakdown site and repair your car accordingly.

  5. We can labor locksmith for you and unlock your car if your key is lost, stolen or left inside your car.

  6. In case of a dead battery, we can send our technician to your location and fix the jump start or arrange an alternate battery for you – whatever is necessary.

  7. If your car needs major repairs, and you need your car for your daily endeavors, we can arrange a rental car for you so you can continue with your daily tasks.

  8. We can deliver gas or oil to your location, as well, if you happen to run out of it while you are on the road.


We do whatever is needed for your convenience – we always make sure to save you from any burden, and our car assistance service is the perfect example of how we prioritize you in all our services.




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