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ceramic coating
11-03- 2018

What does ceramic coating do to your car?

Maintaining your car’s paint in a good condition can be a bit of a challenge. There are many factors as to why your car paint loses its color and shine – that’s why you might need to apply a ceramic coating or ceramic car paint protection on it.

This is a new kind of wax-alternative – not a substitute to paint protection film – that gives your car a more enhanced kind of protection. It builds a permanent or semi-permanent bond to your vehicle’s paint so that it won’t wash away or break down. In other words, the ceramic coating can give an added value to your car’s exterior and keep it looking new and shiny.

And we, Motor Center Maintenance, give this kind of service in addition to all the basic and most complex car maintenance services that we give to your car. We make sure that your car is working properly, maintained accordingly, and looking exquisitely through our world-class services.

Moreover, we will tell you in this article the reasons why you should consider applying a ceramic coating to your car to achieve more than just a good appearance.

Ceramic Coating protects you from:

From UV rays and extreme oxidization

  • If your car is always exposed to sun rays, the paint will soon fade and look dull.

From chemicals

  • Your car is prone to enticing and staining because of naturally acidic contaminants that bond on your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coating allows you to:

Clean your car easily

  • Ceramic coating is hydrophobic – meaning, it repels water, thus, the water will just slide off your vehicle’s paint and not do any damage to it.

Have a glossy finish

  • Ceramic coating enhances your vehicle’s paint – giving it a clear coat and clarity that you have never seen before.

Improves your car’s performance

  • Ceramic coating can enhance the performance of your headers, turbo parts, and exhaust pipes, as well as the horsepower of your vehicle.

Resist scratches

  • The ceramic coating doesn’t only make your car water and chemical repellent, but scratch repellent as well. You will see that minimal scratches will be done to your car if you apply a ceramic coating on it . 


Indeed, the ceramic coating can protect your car from damages while also maintaining your car’s glossy and exquisite appearance. So, if you decide to apply it to your own vehicle, allow us, Motor Center Maintenance, to do it for you.



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