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18-02- 2018

Why Does Your Car Painting Fades, and How to Prevent It?

Your car’s appearance matters, because it somehow reflects the owner’s personality just like how one’s home does the same. If you own a car, you may notice that your car starts to fade as years go by. You may have a faded or dull car paint now, so what should you do? Who can help you?

Nowadays, advances in technology make car painting in Dubai more shiny and clear. If you need car painting services, however, you can contact us, Motor Center Maintenance, for intensive car detailing, mechanical and technical repairs, and polishing in Dubai. We can give you all kinds of car maintenance services to keep your car run smoothly and to keep it look appealing. In addition to that, we also offer RTA Renewal and RTA Registration services. We can do RTA procedures on your behalf, to take the burden off you.

Our extensive experience in this field makes us stand out from the rest, and we guarantee to give you high-quality services that are appropriate for you.

Moreover, we will discuss the possible reasons why your car painting fades, and how to prevent it.


  • UV Rays or Sunlight

  • Contaminants or Pollutants

  • Chemicals

  • Abrasive Cleaners

  • Bird Droppings

  • Salt

  • insects



  • Clean your car regularly with shampoo. You can also use power washes if you please – after every few months.

  • Park your car away from intense sunlight. Place it somewhere with adequate shade or consider purchasing a car cover.

  • You can ask a professional to put a clear coat on your car.

  • Wax and polish should be used accordingly to the type of paint that your car has – so you should be particular in this matter. You should use the right wax for your car because if not, it can take off your car’s shine.

  • You can also purchase a paint conditioner to keep your car shiny.

  • In choosing car polishes, you should know that some of them have abrasive contents, although it helps in leaving your car’s surface nice, this can also damage the protection that is originally built in your car’s finish. Avoid it if possible.

  • You should also fix the scratches on your car as soon as possible.

So, should you need anything regarding car maintenance services, never hesitate to come to us and we will provide you everything that you need.




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