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car examining for RTA
08-01- 2018

Car Examining Can Now Be Done 24/7 in RTA’s Different Centres

Renewing all your necessary documents in the RTA can be a little stressful – the long queues, the several steps and processes, and all your other appointments that can be hindered because you need to get an RTA Renewal.

And if you just bought a new car, or you would transfer the ownership of a car or doing your regular inspection, in these processes, vehicle testing or car examining for RTA is done. This is done for the purpose of ensuring that all vehicles are roadworthy and if you fail this, your car may be suspended from being used on the road.

If you fail, you must repair the defect within 30 days. During this period, one retest is allowed. And if you still do not pass this test within this period, your car will not be registered and what’s worse is you will get fined for each day that your car is not registered.

Yes, we know it’s a little too much but don’t worry – we, at Motor Center, can go through all these processes on your behalf. We have a service called ‘RTA Bundle’ which includes RTA Renewal, Approval and Registration Test. We will undergo all these processes for you. And aside from that, we are also your one-stop point for solutions regarding electrical repairs in Dubai UAE. Should you need anything about car repairs, RTA issues, and motoring needs, we can provide it for you.

Going back to vehicle testing or car examining for RTA did you know that this service is now being offered 24/7 by the RTA itself? Your vehicles can now be registered and tested even at night, allowing you to avoid all the hassles of doing it at daytime.


RTA will conduct this on their 4 centers – Quick Registration in Al Ghusais, Wasel Belhasa Vehicle Testing Centre in Al Jaddaf, Tasjeel Centre Al Barsha, and Tasjeel Centre Al Twar. Based on the increasing demand, RTA has finally come up with this solution with the purpose of serving everyone and give them the convenience they need, 24/7. They will be expanding their service hours to serve people appropriately.


Thanks to RTA, that you can now avoid long queues in your renewal, and also thanks to Motor Center, that you can choose to hire others to go through these processes on your behalf.,



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