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04-02- 2018

Tips on how to reduce breakdowns and excessive car recovery services for your car

No matter the weather, no matter how new or old your car is, and no matter how skilled driver you are, it’s sometimes inevitable to experience unexpected breakdowns wherever you may be.

That is why car examining is actually helpful for you. And if you ever need car recovery services wherever you are in the UAE, Motor Center is the right place for you to go to – we offer car care for a very considerable price, and we will guarantee that your car will be good as new afterward.

However, this list will give you some tips and ideas on how you can avoid recovery services most of the time. Care for your own car is the only key to have a long life expectancy of your car.


Batteries tend to get heated up more than it usually does as it grows old. Car companies give warranties on battery, however, if you ever buy a new one.

To give your battery a long life, never leave the ignition on, turn the lights off if not needed, especially the air condition.


Your tyres are one of the vital parts of your car, a damaged car can be really dangerous for you.

Check its pressure often, especially if there are any cracks or leaks. It is also advisable to carry a spare tyre with you all the time.

Oil and Oil filter

You need oil to run; and if it hasn’t been changed for so long, the problem is it might cause problems. You need to change your oil annually.


The water level is important to keep your car cool. Be cautious about its temperature though, it must not exceed 90 degrees Celsius.

Washer fluid

Although this won’t cause any trouble with your car, just imagine driving with a dirty windshield with almost zero-visibility? This is as important as any part of your car, actually.

Air Filter

Sands can get through almost everywhere, and that’s the purpose of air filter – to stop sands from entering your engine. That’s why you have to keep your air filter clean.

Emergency Tools

You should always carry these things in your car with you, just in case something unexpected happens:

  • Red warning triangle

  • Fire extinguisher

  • First aid kit

  • Phone charger

  • Drinking water

  • Gloves and hat

  • Tow rope

  • Coolant and water

  • Jumper cables

And most importantly, if there is really a need for a car recovery service, then do so. Some insurance companies offer this kind of service, so always keep their number close to you. Or just simply come to us, at Motor Center and we will give you all the services that you need.



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