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27-12- 2017

To Renew or Get Impounded?

RTA Renewal has always been a busy day for all the vehicle owners out there – the long queues, and all that. But you cannot skip this procedure or delay it because you might get fined. ( and we don’t want that to happen to you. 

We have a new service that’s suited to this kind of dilemma. Our RTA Bundle includes RTA Renewal, RTA Approval, and RTA Registration Test. We can assist and guide you all throughout the process and undergo procedures on your behalf.

Maybe some of you would wonder why there is a rush or why is there a need for RTA Renewal or RTA Registration.

Did you know that your car might get confiscated or you can get fined if you don’t do this? Some even just abandon their cars when they can no longer afford to pay for the fine that had been piled up through time. If you fail to renew your vehicle registration on/before the day it expires, you can get a fine of 400Dhs if you are stopped by a police, and your car can get confiscated if the registration has expired for over three months.

According to RTA, you should process the vehicle registration 30 days before the date it would expire. There is also a 30-day grace period for all those who never got fine, prior to the renewal process.

RTA actually sends SMS to motorists regarding the expiry of their vehicle registration, so, there is no other choice but to renew it – and there will be no way in getting out of fine because RTA does everything they can just to remind everyone about the renewal process.

And the worst it, if you do not renew your vehicle registration for over three years, your RTA Registration will become void.

Motor Center doesn’t want anything like this to happen to you – that is why we’re making the process easy on your side. Our RTA Bundle will surely take the burden of RTA Renewal from you and you can trust that we will not let you down.

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