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Denting and Painting

Denting and Painting

At Motor Center Maintenance we do all what it takes to help keep your car in a great shape and condition. We are a complete one-stop solution for all motoring and maintenance needs, and denting & painting in Dubai UAE is definitely at its best with our team of specialists. 

We seek excellence, thus we pay attention to the tiniest details when denting and painting. In order for us to deliver you a premium quality of work, we implemented the most advanced computerized chassis repairs and scanners, in addition to specialized smart denting services, to meet our clients’ high expectations.  

Smart denting has been recently gaining recognition in the world of car maintenance, as it became one the most innovative and easy solution for paintwork scratches, minor denting needs, alloy wheel repairs and bumper scuffs. 

As for the painting, we only use famous No mix paint, made in Australia and carefully stored in our paint mixing room at the right temperature to ensure that our painting services are always of the highest quality, as expected by our esteemed clients. 

Furthermore, providing you with eco-friendly painting services is part of Motor Center Maintenance’s social responsibility and core values. The dry sanding method we use in our preparation zone before painting would grant your vehicle great results without any annoyance to the environment. 

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